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Every month an activity calendar is created to find a good combination of activities to decrease boredom and frustration, increase physical activity, increase sensory and mental stimulation, along with improving self-esteem through failure-free activities. The activity calendar combines a variety of activities including music, reading, social and physical activities, and reminiscing.

General Activities

Activities are designed to use skills that our Residents already have. These activities focus Resident's current abilities and strengths. Some of these activities may include folding laundry, needlework, baking, doing crafts, and feeding the birds and squirrels.

Physical Activities

Activities encourage physical activeness for our Residents. Such activities include bowling, dancing, ball toss, and exercise. As weather allows, we walk outdoors and involve Residents in flower and vegetable gardening.

Social Activities

Activities designed to promote social interaction may include: birthday parties, holiday parties, and barbeques.

Cognitive Activities

Activities stimulate cognitive functioning. We include reality orientation (today is... the weather is... the season is...). music, word games, and reminiscing. Reminiscing activities may include our memory kits, looking through scrapbooks, and reading stories.

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You have created a place for your Residents that not only provides a comfortable place for them to live, but it also gives peace of mind to those who love them.
- Mary

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